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Machine and equipment for bakery and pastry. Macaroon drop machine, choux pastry, sponge cake, éclair, coconut pyramid, cookies

Dream Concept

Based in France at Marne la Vallée near PARIS. 10 years of experience to serve our customers.

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The drop machine Mini Dream range gather compactness, reliability without abandon the performance of a automated machine.


The drop machine Dream grow
rich of new functionality and allow working of hard pastry, a faster cadency always for an accurate job.


The drop machine MicroDream compactness, specially for small productions.

Our machines in action


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Using of Drop machine in laboratory

Drop machine specially elaborated for bakery and pastry, the drop machine are became accessible even for the smallest cake shop. Soft paste cookies,hard paste, cookies, sugar crust pastry, all is possible. A constant fast drop so apreciated, and a perfect job. Keep the very heart of your trade, your recipes, and let the machine doing the dropping ! Control your cost product.

Examples of possibles cakes and cookies realised by our drop machine:

Macaroons, Sponge cake, puff pastry (éclairs, choux pastry, gland, salambo, chouquette ), meringues, cakes, savory choux pastry, madeleine, almond biscuit, shortbread cookies, cookies, detachable cookies, coconut pyramid, and so on...

Where your imagination will bring you ?

French Manufacturer of machine for bakery and pastry. Drop machine for
macaroon, cookies, sponge cake, coconut pyramid, éclairs, choux pastry, shortbread cookies, biscuit

DREAMCONCEPT | 5, Rue Gustave Eiffel - 77220 TOURNAN en BRIE - FRANCE | Tel +33 1 64 07 86 02 | French Manufacturer of drop machine

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